Privacy Policy

Here are the details of our Privacy policy for your ready reference:

As the members of global netizens and conscientious citizens of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh (with the mail address: 7/Fa/1 A West Hajipara, Dhaka 1219, Bangladesh, e-mail address: [email protected], contact number: +8801934746062, +8801936556186) we firmly maintain our position to protect the privacy of our users at all times.

As a part of our core guideline, we will keep all your data (that we may acquire through our mutual contacts via e-mail or any other electronic or manual means or even any means as appropriate via this website) strictly confidential. It means that your data will be kept within the stakeholders directly responsible to run the company; not will be shared to any third party or anybody who is not directly involved to run the company. However, students of the online platform may view the contacts of one another in case there is no alternate arrangement to effectively hide the contacts from one another.

You are certainly aware that cookies may be generated through our electronic interactions and they are actually downloaded to improve your experience with our services. However, you are always at your discretion to delete any cookies you may deem unnecessary or detrimental to your browsing experience.

We sometimes may use the data we usually get from your encounter with us to promote our products or to upgrade our services so as to keep up with the expectations of our valued patrons.

Having said all the above points, we are always bound by the laws of the land we operate our business from. So, we appreciate your understanding in that we may need to share your information with the law enforcement agencies if we are forced to do so. In this case, we may not be able to take your written or verbal consent before sharing any such information that the relevant state agencies think significant to collect from us about our users.

We always reserve the right to edit or modify our privacy policy whenever we are in the opinions of doing so in future.

The above policy will be effective from March 10, 2021 and will continue to remain in force until further notice.